Clear and Convincing


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"A beautifully written continuation of a fantastic story about life and opportunity."
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Book 2 in the Arcadia Chronicles

Clear and Convincing Evidence

Who defends the defenseless? Abigail Fischer never thought she would be a lawyer. When her new job takes her to the depths of a crumbling psychiatric hospital, Abby faces perils she never imagined. Her response to a heart-wrenching challenge could place those she loves in danger or enhance their lives. Making that choice will alter everything forever. Before she leaps, Abby must convince herself that her actions are right—and just. Only then will the path be clear.

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Book 1 in the Arcadia Chronicles

Fee Simple Conditional

What lasts in this world? For Abigail Fischer, nothing lasts. Until she found an obscure phrase in a stolen document that led her to discover something that could never be taken away, something that could last forever. But at what price? So far, everything she relied on has fallen away or deserted her. Finally, she sees something that could endure. What would she sacrifice to keep it safe? Starting from scratch, she learns how to turn her limitations into a journey that takes her from abandonment to acceptance and from loss to love.

H.C. Helfand

H.C. Helfand

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