Spring in Arcadia: The Best Things in Life are Free


Chill has left the air, except the occasional night. The down comforter is folded, but not packed away. It is spring in Arcadia; mornings are still crisp, not yet humid. If April is the cruelest month, May is surely the most kind. Its pleasures are priceless. The perfume of lilacs, a crown of magenta bursting from the rhododendron by the window, twilight that lasts into evening. All delightful. All free.

In celebration of spring in Arcadia, the Kindle version of Fee Simple Conditional is free from May 12 through May 16. Free also, in honor of the emergence of hchelfand.com and in anticipation of the second installment of the Arcadia Chronicles, Clear and Convincing Evidence, currently in progress. We have left winter behind, spring envelops us, and as we await the thrum of the cicadas, summer beckons. Does it get any better than this?