My Summer of Liberation


After a long gap, my blogging has resumed. Committing to a writing career is a leap of faith, not undertaken without some trepidation. Old routines are discarded; new ones planned. Then a thought—is a routine a necessary evil, an aid, or an impediment to creativity? I guess I’ll find out.

The swirl of ideas is only limited by my industry. Summer laziness tantalizes. The newness of my liberation invites distraction. Take a walk, clean a closet, visit friends, try a recipe, create art. They all tempt my time. But writing was my reason, and, if nothing else, I am loyal to it. I must finish something I’ve started. Once I begin, I am compelled to complete a task. It can be a brutal and annoying trait, but, alas, it is my lot.

Book One of the Arcadia Chronicles, Fee Simple Conditional, lives. It may be tweaked in the future, but it is out in the world, being read, and so far, deemed worthy of positive reviews. Book Two, Clear and Convincing Evidence, is drafted and in the process of being read and critiqued. Book Three, The Right of Redemption, is a work in progress, still rough, but with promise. Books Four and Five, tentatively named, live in scribbled notes, brief outlines, and my imagination.

Other work beckons as well. Blogging, columns, a future newsletter, and stand-alone projects promise to fulfill my writing dream. The bounty of summer inspires my aspirations; both are now in full bloom. However, when summer fades, we will diverge. Fall may bring beauty, yet sap life, but I hope to proceed, at full pace, to view life through a writer’s lens, to grow my skills, and to will myself onto the page.